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How Apps Are Transforming Trucking, Shipping, 3PL

Smartphones and apps are everywhere, and they’re not just for finding coupons and playing games anymore.

Startups centering around logistic services are getting into the mix, too, developing Smartphone apps for truckers and shippers that may speed up shipping and help truckers save time and money.

It’s no secret that there’s been a huge problem with trucker shortages. Some people hope that by putting the power of Smartphones in their hands, younger truckers will try out and stick with the profession. More and better informed drivers will certainly increase competency on the roads and make it faster for merchandise to make it from distribution warehouses to their destination cheaper and faster.

Empowering Truck Drivers with Apps

With delivery drones just around the corner, trucking companies have to do all they can to stay competitive. After all, full service logistics companies are going to give contracts to the companies that can make their deliveries faster, whether that’s by using an army of drones or a fleet of trucks. Software startups are realizing the potential for empowering truckers, too, and have helped move things along by creating several useful apps, including:

Cargomatic. Probably the most valuable tool for the average business owner, Cargomatic unites truckers with shippers in an Uber-like manner. The shippers simply sign up, just like they would with any cargo broker, and trucks in their area come by and collect the merchandise. It’s a great way for smaller shippers to get the same kind of price breaks the big guys get through major commercial delivery companies.

Drivewyze. This app allows truckers to legally bypass costly and time-consuming weigh stations. As the trucker approaches the weigh station, the software runs their information through a federal database to determine if they’re required to stop and weigh. Safe drivers are more often allowed to keep driving, saving time and money on long and short hauls alike.

TruckerPath. Knowing which truck stops and weigh stations are opened as they approach is a huge convenience for truck drivers. By staying ahead of the game with crowd-sourced data, these smart truckers can plan their trips more carefully. A trucker that doesn’t have to stretch their limits by driving on when they’re exhausted because of a lack of places to stop is a trucker that prevents costly accidents that can delay or destroy shipments.

Smartphones were the invention we didn’t know we needed until we had them, but since their introduction, they’ve done everything possible to change our lives completely. It’s no surprise that they’re now being used to revolutionize how our nation carries freight, in a way that will make travel cheaper and safer for everyone.

October 20, 2015
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