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Industry Spotlight: Nutraceutical Fulfillment Services

Efficiency is vital to a successful nutraceutical business, whether you’re selling vitamins, supplements, herbals or a combination of all three.

There can be hundreds (or more) of bottles to inventory and ship, if anything goes wrong, the result could be devastating to your business. When your orders start to outpace your manpower, fatigue and overwork can lead to serious mistakes and inventory mismanagement.

Who needs nutraceutical fulfillment services? Nutraceutical fulfillment services are the perfect option for a company that has no more room for warehousing and lacks the manpower and inventory systems to efficiently pack and ship their own products. Turning to a full service logistics firm that offers nutraceutical fulfillment services frees you up to spend more time working directly with your customers and source new supplements they may find useful.

Of course, a full-service logistics company is more than just a pick, pack and ship warehouse. Along with warehousing and distribution, professional fulfillment services are able to handle complaints and returns, too. Dealing with returns can be an unpleasant experience, but by utilizing an outside company for nutraceutical fulfillment, not only will you avoid the stress that upset customers may create, you’ll feel secure knowing that our customer service professionals will do whatever it takes to make those customers happy again.

The Nutraceutical Fulfillment Cycle

It all starts when a customer places the products they want to purchase into the shopping cart and clicks “Buy Now.”  Your website deducts the products from your inventory system and your fulfillment service company is notified to locate the products, to pack and ship them according to the customer’s directions and to get them on their way via their chosen shipping method. Once the order is packed, the fulfillment company notifies the shipper that it’s ready and they take it to its final destination. When evaluating eCommerce fulfillment services, be sure to choose one that offers full integration with your shopping cart solution to make this process as streamlined and efficient as possible.

If the order ran your inventory below your specified threshold, your fulfillment company can reorder stock for you as well, and can even accept the shipment on your behalf when it arrives. An unhappy customer is easily placated by a good customer service team, even if they simply made a mistake when placing their order. Fulfillment companies like ours handle the return process per your specifications and restock the unopened items when they arrive back at the warehouse and, if applicable, return them to your inventory. In addition, a good literature fulfillment team can create fliers to send out to your current customers alerting them to new products or monthly specials.

Nutraceutical fulfillment can be a huge boon to a small- or medium-sized nutraceutical company that lacks the manpower to really dedicate to each of the jobs it takes to handle the logistics of shipping and warehousing so many small items. Instead of tearing yourself in 10 different directions or hiring a large, costly staff, consider the cost savings and improved customer care a nutraceutical fulfillment company can provide.

August 26, 2014
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