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Mail Services 101

Maybe you’re now on a first-name basis with everybody at the post office and there is simply not enough time in your day to lick another stamp or seal another envelope. You can’t afford a personal assistant just yet, so what’s a business owner to do?

Chances are your business generates a lot of mail between announcing regular discounts, distributing small orders and sending out letters to your customers — sometimes it seems like you’ll never get to the bottom of the stacks and stacks you need to send out.

Consider mail services from a fulfillment company. Fulfillment services offering mail services may be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only can these companies handle your literature fulfillment in the shape of requests for catalogs or product information, they’re also skilled mail sorters that can significantly cut your mailing costs.

No more standing in line day after day… Forget standing in line to mail your daily cartload, a fulfillment company will free you up to actually run your own business with custom mailing programs that can be developed and customized to your exact needs.

Even if you don’t regularly mail customer orders, there’s no doubt that your company will need to run a mail campaign at regular intervals. Whether that means giving out coupons or sending letters to your residential neighbors about your upcoming holiday blowout, full service logistics companies can help you design an effective campaign that’s sure to get attention. They don’t stop once your customers get in the door, either: follow up mailings, promotional mailings and invitations to the next big party are all part of the package.

Are you wasting money with mail services? Custom mailing programs that go beyond the flat can be costly, especially if you’re working with office supply store boxes and packaging. You may be wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars each year by using the wrong sized box or employing too much (or too little) packing material, but full service logistics companies mail things day in and day out.

The experience of these companies means they know the best sizes of boxes to use on certain sized products, when to split orders into multiple packages and just how well to pack items to prevent breakage and avoid extra cost due to extra packing weight.

Making all the difference in your mail services program. Whether you’re dreaming of a one-time mail blast from your current retail customer database or need help minimizing shipping on all the tiny items you sell in your eBay shop, a fulfillment service can make all the difference to your business’s bottom line. You could hire a personal assistant, or spend a great deal less teaming up with a true fulfillment partner and not be forced to share your morning coffee — it’s not a hard decision to make.


November 20, 2014
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