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What is B2C eCommerce Fulfillment?

When an eCommerce company wants to expand its business in order to serve more customers, there are some challenges initially.

Higher overhead for new facilities and increased costs for employees can be hindrances to growth. But by working with a B2C eCommerce fulfillment company, companies can grow their business without increased overhead.

B2C companies can experience a far more variable sales volume than B2B companies, so it’s essential that they carefully choose how to invest capital and keep a close eye on fixed costs. These costs can quickly accumulate when a business experiences an increase in order volume or a seasonal shift in sales.

Global B2C eCommerce sales are expected to reach $370 billion by 2017 – and any company that wants to take advantage of this boom needs allies by its side. In order to increase profits and keep overhead low, B2B eCommerce fulfillment is an ideal solution. It will help a company handle the peaks and valleys of production, as well as keep their end customers happy.

Here are three ways that excellent B2C eCommerce fulfillment companies can help a business achieve more sales:

  1. Standardized ordering processes.
    When customers order online, they want the process to be predictable, familiar and fast. Customers resist learning new ways of doing things and have difficulty with non-standard formatting practices. If the ordering process through their website is far too complicated or provides barriers to orders, then a business will end up with a lot of abandoned shopping carts and lost sales. As you seek out a B2C eCommerce fulfillment to work with your company, be sure that their ordering system will work with your current ordering platform – or at least be standardized enough to encourage orders.
  1. More adept adjustment to sales cycles fluctuations.
    Handling ecommerce fulfillment needs in house means that your company is at the mercy of the sales cycles. An increase in seasonal volume means a lot of scrambling on your company’s part. However, when you work with a B2C ecommerce fulfillment company they can easily scale their services to you up and down as need be. You don’t have to hire on extra employees or rent more warehouse space that you may not need in six months. No matter whether there’s a seasonal shift to your sales volume, or you have an unexpected boom, a B2C ecommerce Fulfillment Company can help.
  1. More focus on business growth.
    By outsourcing B2C ecommerce fulfillment needs, your company gets something important – but time consuming – off its collective plate. Instead of worrying about the fulfillment processes, your employees can concentrate on business growth activities like marketing and client communications.

B2C ecommerce fulfillment can help a company overcome some major hindrances to growth and see better results.


June 23, 2015
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