Sound familiar? Your content is amazing, you’ve got a solid social media following, the website looks great …but your web pages aren’t converting visitors like you’d hoped.

You’ve even analyzed your keywords, made some changes to your meta content, updated everything, and yet you’ve still got no answers to why your frequent visitors aren’t turning into customers. Maybe what you’re missing is a strong call to action on each web page of your site.

A call to action? Calls to action are useful tools for every sort of business, from the service industries to companies specializing in product distribution. You may assume that your visitors are smart enough to know exactly what they should do to contact you or purchase your products, but that assumption could lead to lower sales. With the many different ways that websites are designed and businesses are run, the fact is that your visitors need your help. You have to tell them exactly what to do, how and where.

By employing a direct call to action near the end of your pages, your customers won’t feel like they’ve been left hanging — instead, they’ll take comfort in the fact that they know exactly who to call or what to do to get what they need.

A good call of action does the following things:

Focuses Attention. The number of websites competing for your customers’ attention is amazingly large, even the ads on your page are demanding they click, like or call today. By telling your visitors exactly what to do (and how) when they visit, you’ll focus their attention on you and your website.

Directs Visitors. Sometimes, what you want from of your visitors isn’t clear — so make it easy for them to tell exactly what they need to do – and where – on your website in order to take the next step. Use concrete, direct language to guide visitors to the action that you need them to take, whether that’s to buy your product, donate money or call for more information. Remember that strong calls to action will usually start with strong action verbs.

Wraps Up the Page. Even retail fulfillment services need to wrap up their pages in a way that makes sense and feels natural to a visitor who is used to living in a world of marketing messages. Instead of just stopping your message cold, a relevant call to action can glide your visitors to a gentle close.

By using more well-directed, properly executed calls to action, all the hard work you’ve done on your website will pay off. Product distribution and retail fulfillment services aren’t always self-explanatory. Adding a call to action will help direct your visitors through your website’s content and convert them to customers.