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Payment Processing

Product Fulfillment and Payment ProcessinG

Product Fulfillment payment processing can be supported as part of an e-Commerce solution for Consumer orders, whereas it is typically done with Purchase Orders for Wholesale orders.

We fully integrate with payment processing companies that handle consumer level order payments. These front-end processors, as they are referred to, have connections that allow for “Card Not Present” transactions, settlement services, and supply authorizations. Think of them as a replacement for Point of Sale units such as those credit card machines you swipe your card in at a store. On the web, they are called “Card Not Present” front-end processors. Some of the more recognizable payment processing providers are Authorize.net, FirstData, Google Checkout, and PayPal.

How payment processing works:

First you would open a Merchant Account with a Bank of your choice. Secondly, you would connect your Merchant Account with a platform such as Authorize.net. When an order is placed on your online store, it attempts to collect payment.

The payment processing operation only takes a few seconds at most. During those few seconds, the processor will check all the details received by forwarding them onto the card association or the cards issuing bank in order to be verified. Additionally, they will take a series of measures to prevent fraudulent activities. Other elements are taken into consideration as well such as:

  • Credit card country of issue
  • AVS – Address Verification System – Comparing the address provided to the address of record for the card holder
  • Previous payment history – within credit limit
  • CVV code – Card Verification Value – designed to provide additional security to further validate the a credit card number provided.

These are normally utilized in order to gauge the probability of a transaction’s approval. Once the verification details have been confirmed by the payment processing company, the information is then relayed back to the payment portal and then on to the merchant. At that point, the transaction is completed by the merchant. If the bank or card association denies the verification, the information is sent to the merchant via the payment processor and the transaction will be declined by that merchant.

Payment Processing for Returns

PCI Compliance

We adhere to the strict Payment Card Industry Compliance guidelines as developed by the major credit cards companies to help prevent credit card fraud, vulnerabilities and threats. Our warehouse management system and internal processes are PCI compliant. Our systems and infrastructures remain compliant year after year, since we roll out upgrades regularly.

For product fulfillment programs where we sent batch settlement requests to your processors, we can easily action a refund. For programs where we not a party to it, we can only send you notices of refunds which someone on your end must then action.

We are committed to you and your business.

Remember, as your eCommerce Fulfillment Services partner, we are here for you – and your customers – at every step of the way.

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