Order fulfillment

Whether you prefer live operators, online order taking or traditional business response cards, we have the right solutions for you from ecommerce to to infomercial support and dr tv.

Phone Order Taking

We handle your orders in shared-to-dedicated groups using live US based agents.  Choose to delegate the entire phone order taking capability to us, or in overflow or after-hours support.

In addition to supporting many start-up and small companies looking for a toll free order taking line and friendly agents to take their orders, we serve the world’s most prestigious brands. Visit our Call Center for for a complete overview.

Some clients use our multi-lingual service capabilities for order taking or customer service. This is especially important for programs that will be promoted in international venues.

Electronic Orders

Many programs today primarily drive revenue from an online shopping experience. We will gladly integrate with your existing shopping cart or implement a new one. We import orders from electronic order files placed on our secured FTP site. If your orders come from an internal application, simply send them to our secured ftp site, or by email or faxes. We will enter and process these for you.


Sophisticated shopping carts utilize APIs or XML features and transmit orders real time. Our technology teams will work with you to establish and monitor these integrations.

Manual Orders – Business Response Cards

Some programs still include business response cards, orders by mail, fax, or email. Catalog consumers still prefer to send their orders and checks in the mail. We will enter these orders for you and process check payments.

Continuity Plans

Continuity programs are perfect for you when replenishment of supplies is an aspect of your fulfillment program. We manage the shipping at set intervals such as monthly or every 15 days and we process the orders and charge the credit cards accordingly. Or you may choose to manage it and send us those orders.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We provide open and viable EDI solutions, enabling you to easily comply with the constantly changing logistics requirements in today’s business world. When working with wholesalers know our EDI capabilities run your complete operation, including document turn-around, label printing, and shipping documents.

The complete solution at ShipWizard…

Whatever your fulfillment order taking program calls for, we will implement the right one for you. Our call center is open 24\7 with US based operators ready to take your orders using our applications, your ecommerce platform, or using order forms.