An effective fulfillment autoship program can directly lead to a successful direct marketing program, generate predictable revenue and boost cross sales for additional products.

It is much more cost effective to retain a customer than to attract new ones, so why not sale more to them? A continuity fulfillment program can provide predictable revenue, at a steady pace, quite profitably. It’s well known that the first sale to a customer is the most expensive venture. That cost of doing business decreases substantially with every additional sale to that same customer.

Since the monthly fees are recurring you will presumably be able to charge less for your merchandise and therefore be able to attract a much larger prospect base. Prospects will be more likely to purchase from you, becoming clients much more readily. Then, assuming each continuity client is retained for at least a few months, your revenue potential increases dramatically!

And the best part is your continuity fulfillment program is the best platform from which to promote additional products to your existing customers. Once you developed their trust, your customers are much more likely to listen to suggestions and product offers. The members of your continuity services program are more likely to buy products from you than new prospects.

Our continuity program provides several fulfillment services and includes:

  • Order taking services
  • Processing your fulfillment orders
  • Payment processing using your merchant account
  • Pick and pack services
  • Inventory control and management to ensure availability
  • Shipping with a variety of courier services
  • Returns management
  • Customer service

Some of our clients choose to use our Call Center for Order Taking Services. Your customers will be speaking with professional and knowledgeable agents, ready to take your fulfillment orders. No matter the source of your continuity program orders, they will be processed in our Fulfillment Center on a daily basis. Payment for either the opening orders, or continuity orders, can be handled on your application or ours, while using your merchant account.

Our ShipWizard center stores your merchandise in secure and convenient pallet locations, or shelves. For large volume continuity services, we may set up special flow racks or other picking processes to speed the pick pack process. The continuity orders will be picked, packed and made ready for shipping using any carrier of your choice.

We understand the importance of accurate and real-time inventory control to any successful continuity services. Our systems are completely automated and open for access by you on demand. You can access our on line fulfillment reports on any time you wish 24\7.

We complete the cycle, by handling your customer service needs, returns or refusals. While some continuity programs are more stringent and require returns to be pre-authorized, others are more liberal. Flexibility is vital at ShipWizard.

Typical continuity services programs begin when a customer places an original order, typically through a mail order offer or online. This original offering is usually discounted and acts as a loss leader. Within a prescribed period of time, a subsequent shipment will be delivered to the customer. Thereafter, additional shipments will continue to be sent at regular intervals. This continues until the customer notifies the supplier of their choices or their desire to discontinue the service.

ShipWizard provides fulfillment continuity programs, allowing for a steady, highly profitable income stream for an extended period of time. Our experience in working with other continuity plans will be of assistance to you when launching your program successfully.